Salt was my dear companion and grey tabby cat for thirteen years of my life.

This is a collection of projects dedicated to and featuring him.

Salt has been a part of my family since 2nd grade. I still remember when we got him along with his sister Pepper. He watched me grow up, moved across the country with us many times, and never left my side. We had our own special ways of communicating. When he laid next to me, he always had to have a paw touching me. He posed for selfies and was a great model for photography projects. On October 24, 2019, he was put to sleep due to a rare cancer called sarcoma. I thank Salt for watching over me after all these years and hope that he may always rest in peace.


"Salt" Process

(ink painting using gum arabic as masking fluid on illustration board)

"In Loving Memory"

"Celebrating Salt" Styleframe

"Celebrating Salt" Animation

Drawings from life (one of the last times I saw him)

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