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Workday Executive Symposium

Looping animations for the Workday Rising Executive Symposium conference and reception.

In September 2023, I was asked to create animations for the Workday Rising annual conference. These would play while attendees found their seats. Using Workday's dotted semi-circle graphic, I created two versions of a 15 sec looping animation:


1. Standalone version, for 16:9 screens

2. Widescreen version, for three side-by-side screens & wide screens

"Workday Executive Symposium" Standalone Version

Specifications from Project Brief

Widescreen Version

Displayed on three 1920 x 1080 screens side by side.

Widescreen Version - Middle Screen

After Effects Title Layer Controls

Conference Application

Conference Application


Creative Director: Kao Vue

Animation: Sarah Haftorson

Client: Workday

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