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The Metaverse

An illustrated slide deck for a series of guides to the metaverse.

Elevation Inc. approached me to create illustrations for the "Earthlings' Guide to the Metaverse," a series of downloadable PDF guides on cryptocurrency, NFTs, and all things metaverse. When the creative directors told me they were taking inspiration from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I was delighted to draw starry skies, wavy rocket trails, and constellations all day!

I created all of the illustrations, a color script, composed the layout for typography, and provided feedback to copywriters.

"The Metaverse" Animation


"The Metaverse" Key Image

Various Backgrounds

Early Design Exploration

Various Plain Backgrounds

(for slides that required more negative space)

Approaching the slideshow like a storyboard, I created a color script to help the viewer transition from Earth to the metaverse.

Green + Blue = the earth, nature, familiar

Violet = the metaverse, space, exploration

Gold = celebration, congratulations

Orange = brand color, ambition

Various Spot Illustrations

Slide Deck Application


Creative Director: Steph Carson, Brett Rakestraw

Designer & Animator: Sarah Haftorson

Client: Elevation Inc.

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