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An editorial illustration for SCAD Radio's review of the Fleet Foxes’ album, “Shore.”


In the Fleet Foxes' recent album, singer-songwriter Robin Pecknold was largely influenced by artists who have passed away during the pandemic. Songs such as "Shore" and "Sunblind" pay tribute to fellow artists including Richard Swift, Bill Withers, John Prine, and Elliott Smith (left to right). To honor the album's theme, I illustrated these late artists as constellations in the sky.

The waxing moon symbolizes the lyrics Now the quarter moon is out, and the shore's pier is represented by a guitar neck.



Final Application

Sunblind, verse 1 - Fleet Foxes

For Richard Swift
For John and Bill
For every gift lifted far before its will
Judee and Smith
For Berman too
I've met the myth hanging heavy over you
I loved you long
You rose to go
Beneath you, songs, perfect angels in the snow
So time to stage
Forget reserve
The type of great coronation you deserve.

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