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Qian Means Red

A self-portrait to celebrate the day that I was adopted from China on May 30, 2001.


Alizarin red is a color that can be produced from the roots of Rubia cordifolia—a flowering plant with leaves that often grow in groups of five and resemble stars. In Chinese, both the plant and alizarin red itself translate to 茜 qiàn. 江茜茜 Jiang Qiàn Qiàn is the name that was given to me by my orphanage.

"茜 Qiàn Means Red"

Hidden symbolisms:

Red茜 qiàn, Rubia cordifolia, good luck

Roots: plant roots or a person's origin (double entendre)

Leaves: resemble the shape of the cheongsam cut out, grow in groups of 5, star shaped

S curves: elegance, flow, prominent in traditional Chinese art, the ‘S’ in Sarah

Early Exploration

Silhouette Test

Close up Details

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