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Burrito Brigade Interview

An interview for the Portland Burrito Brigade, featuring 2D animation.

The Burrito Brigade is a non-profit organization with a mission to feed the hungry in Oregon. The Portland chapter operates out of Rose City Park United Methodist Church. I worked with Videographer and Editor Pedro Valdez Jr. to organize the interview and assist with video editingI was responsible for the 2D design & animation of the map and end cards.

Burrito Brigade Interview

Animation at 2:38 - 3:23 (also below)

Map Animation


Map Key Image

Transition Animations

The final animation was exported as an MOV with alpha channels, which streamlined the workflow of importing in Premiere.


Videographer: Pedro Valdez Jr.

Editors: Sarah Haftorson, Pedro Valdez Jr.

Designer & Animator: Sarah Haftorson

Clients: Rose City Park UMC, Burrito Brigade

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